Wedding planning mistakes happen to even the most organised of couples. Forewarned is forearmed, so here are our top 10 popular mistakes to avoid.


We know it can be easy to get carried away and start looking at venues right away. However, there really is no point in jumping the gun before you’ve settled on your numbers. Once you’ve drawn up your guest list, then you can set a budget and focus on securing that dream venue.

Dolla, dolla bills

The next step in any wedding planning process is deciding on your budget. Set an overall amount, and then you can decide how much you’re willing to allocate to each vendor. You may regret it later when you have to forgo something important because you spent too freely on silly things, in the beginning.

wedding planning mistakes

A little help from my friends

No one expects you to run this show all by yourself – wedding planning is no mean feat. If you take on too much, you may end up sucking the joy and fun out of the process, so don’t be afraid to ask for help. Rally the troops and have fun!

The time is now

Finalise and confirm any delivery times, on the day. This goes for the likes of flowers, cakes and any other décor items that may be arriving. Once that’s done, hand it over to your venue’s wedding coordinator or wedding planner and let them take care of business.

Point person

Don’t forget to assign a point person – usually your Best Man or Maid of Honour You’ll need someone to field questions, answer your phone and deal with any mishaps or problems that may occur on the day. And, under no circumstances are they to inform you of anything that may put a dampener on the day. Positive vibes all round, yo!

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Go with the flow

Too much downtime between your ceremony and reception can be one of the biggest wedding planning mistakes - there’s only so much mingling and small talk one can do. How about combining your drinks reception with some form of activity or entertainment? If you’re lucky with the weather, lawn games are always fun – giant Jenga, anyone?

Food, glorious food

Vendors get hungry too, so don’t forget to keep the energy levels up. Most planners and coordinators will remind you to include meals for your photographer, videographer etc., but it’s no harm to stick it on your own to do list. Work their meals into your budget and consider it part of their fee.

Plan B

Let’s face it, even in high summer, you can’t be sure that it won't pour rain in Ireland. If you choose your venue for its awesome outdoor ceremony space, make sure you’re really happy with its indoor option too. You don’t want your plan B to feel like a disappointing compromise on the day if worse comes to worse.

Video games

So many couples skip out on a videographer and then regret it when the wedding’s over. The day will fly by, and yes, you’ll have beautiful photos, but they can only capture so much.

Ain’t no pro!

Trust us when we say, your brother’s wife’s best mate’s cousin is NOT the best choice of photographer. After all is said and done, your photographs are all you’ll have left (and a wonderful marriage, obvs), so make sure you have beautiful professional ones.

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