Peter Kelly - Franc

We've been waiting for months for the Irish season of Say Yes to the Dress to kick off, and it finally did last night, and we weren't disappointed. The RTE2 version of the hit reality show stuck rigidly to its American inspiration, with three brides-to-be on the hunt for their dream wedding dress.

The brides-to-be tried on dresses in Cork's Vows bridal boutique, with help in guiding their decision from wedding planner Peter Kelly, aka Franc. Eimear Duffy, the first bride to head into the shop, had a budget of €3,000 for her guna, but a €2,000 price tag on another dress proved a sticking point for another bride, Cora Ann from Kerry. And that's when things got emotional.

Trying not to cry, Cora Ann explained her dad, who had passed away, would be in her thoughts as she looked for her dream wedding dress. When it came to picking out a dress, her mam and her had differing opinions - the first dress she tried on, her mam said she looked like she had it on backwards. The second dress was too traditional for Cora Ann, but of course, her mam was only mad about it. The final dress, Cora Ann was totally sold on, along with her mam, and her friends who had come along too. Cora Ann was struggling to hold back the tears at that point, and when Peter Kelly announced the €2,000 price tag, she had even more reason to cry.

Cora Ann joked she wouldn't be able to 'Say Yes to the Dress', even though she had found her dream wedding dress, but her mam, stepped in to say: "You know Cora Ann… You won’t be paying for the dress. Your dad will be paying. Dad will be paying for this dress today.”

The pair then broke down, as her mam told her "He’d love to be here saying ‘Christ, ’tis beautiful’."

Cora Ann got emotional afterwards, and said: "I’m never going to see him again or have him be a part of anything… but for him to be a part of the big day is very special to me."

In a very mammy moment then, her mam asked that Cora Ann wouldn't dirty the dress by crying any more. Fair enough!


  • Say Yes to the Dress airs on RTE2, Mondays 9.30pm