We're so excited to announce the launch of our brand new book, The Wedding Planner. We really think you're going to love it - in fact, here are 10 awesome reasons why!

Image: Claire Brown, studiobrown.ie

1. There are checklists galore!

The Wedding Planner is packed full of checklists, so you won't forget about a single thing, right down to the nitty-gritty details. There are checklists for budgeting, honeymoon packing, a day-of checklist, and all your beauty bits.

2. Tonnes of awesome advice

Our book is overflowing with key advice on absolutely everything you need to know about planning a wedding in Ireland. From managing your finances, getting your venue sorted and entertainment to fashion, beauty, the guest list... there's SO much more!

the wedding planner Image: Claire Brown, studiobrown.ie

3. It's not just advice and lists

The Wedding Planner also features a really handy 12-month diary at the back, so you can jot down all your to-do lists and notes. If you thrive on being organised (or wish you could be a little more), the planner element of the book will really help you keep on top of things, each month. Even better? The planner pages are undated, so you can start them any time you like. Smart, huh?

Image: Claire Brown, studiobrown.ie

4. There's nothing like it in Ireland

Nothing like The Wedding Planner has ever existed in Ireland, so, well, we created it! We saw a gap in the market for a really gorgeous product that wasn't just a run-of-the-mill diary, but which also featured real advice and great planning tips. So, just like that, The Wedding Planner was born.

5. It goes beyond average wedding advice

We delve deeper than the shade of pink your bridesmaids' dresses should be. We cover all the legalities for getting married, different ceremony types, getting married abroad (and the legalities there), those hidden wedding costs that can creep up and we've got the questions you should be asking your vendors.

Image: Claire Brown, studiobrown.ie

6. You'll love the handy timelines

There are plenty of solid timelines dotted throughout the book, like your 12-month beauty countdown, the ultimate wedding invitations guide (this is going to save you a headache and a half) and info on when you should be ordering your dress, cake and flowers. You don't have to follow them religiously, but by loosely sticking to these schedules, you won't miss a beat.

7. It's more than just weddings

Not only does The Wedding Planner cover all things weddings (obvs), we go into everything you need to know for your honeymoon too. We've included information on popular destinations, vaccination advice, the great travel agent vs booking online debate and things to do before you jet off. There's no stone unturned in this book.

8. Swoon for beautiful illustrations

The incredibly talented Carol Mahon illustrated our beautiful cover and her work also features throughout the book. We knew we wanted something totally gorgeous (and Instagrammable, obvs), and Carol delivered just that. We can't stop staring at it!

Image: Claire Brown, studiobrown.ie

9. It'll make a great gift for Christmas

If you're stuck for something to buy your engaged work colleague for Kris Kindle, The Wedding Planner is ideal. Not only will they be delighted with your choice of gift, but so will your wallet as it's under €20! Win-win, really. Plus, this is THE ultimate pressie to gift your engaged sister or best mate and if you've been asked to be a 'maid, then here's something handy to have for your bride.

10. Order now and you get a free gift!

And if all of the above hasn't convinced you that you need The Wedding Planner, we have a beautiful bridal illustration by Carol Mahon for the first 100 people who order the book from our website. RUN, don't walk!

Buy your Wedding Planner now

So, what are you waiting for? The Wedding Planner is on sale for €19.95 (including FREE Irish shipping) now! Go to the 'shop' tab or click the link here to purchase it.

Happy planning!

Special thanks to The Merrion Hotel for letting us use their gorgeous suite to film our promo video! #merrionmoments

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