Engage! The 9 Most Common Reactions To Being Proposed To

No matter how prepared you are, being proposed to can be overwhelming in all sorts of ways. So, how did you react when you got engaged? We bet you can relate to at least one reaction from this list...

Main image: Dana Fernandez

1. The Emotional Wreck

Tears started flowing before words even came out of your mouth. It wasn’t a single tear/pretty crying situation; it was full-on, snotser sobbing. You eventually said yes, at a pitch that only dogs can hear.

2. The Non-Believer

You really weren’t expecting it. You were so taken off guard, in fact, that you were convinced they were only joking. You laughed and slapped their arm in an ‘Oh you!’ way, until you realised they weren’t joking. ...Queue the quick-fire, shouted questions such as: “Are you serious?” “Is this really happening?” “Are you for real???”

3. The Delayed Response

“Ha, that’s cute. Wait...WHAT??!!”


Katie Markquart Photography

4. The Speechless Susan

You imagined this moment many times, with lots of scenarios involving the exchange of beautiful, life-changing words. But, when it happened, you had nothing. “I... oh...woah... *giggle* ...wow...*deep breathing...” etc.

5. The Nervous Laugher

You cannot stop giggling, to the point where the proposer’s not sure if you’re taking this whole thing seriously at all, at all.

6. The Screamer

Potentially accompanied by jumping up and down and the flapping of arms, your screams could be heard from the Outer Hebrides.


Lavish & Light

7. Laidback Lucy

You discussed it at length before and might even have had a sneaky suspicion that it was going to happen. When it did, you were chuffed to bits and celebrated in your usual calm, chilled way.

8. Grumpy Grainne

He made you walk the long way (you found out afterwards it was to take in the gorgeous view) and you weren’t even dressed up (because you thought you were going to his Mam’s), so when he got down in one knee, all you could think of was: “Here? Now? ...Really?” You soon snapped out of it, after an emotional phone call to your folks, but you may never live down your less than gracious response.


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9. The Over-Sharer

You got engaged in a public place; under a waterfall, in a restaurant, at a festival...Wherever it was, everyone in the vicinity soon found out what had just happened. “Hey! You there, walking your dog! I’M GETTING MARRIED!”

So tell us, Confetti fans, which one were you?