Wedding budget woes are more than likely at the top of everyone's lists. We know they can be tricky to set out and more importantly, stick to. With that in mind, we've created this handy guide on how to create a wedding budget that you can afford.

Be realistic

First things first, what can you actually afford? Set a rough (but realistic) budget and go from there. Our best advice is to make an overall budget and then split that up into categories – venue, décor, photographer, wedding dress, suits, wedding invitations,  etc. Allocate whatever amount you're willing to spend to each one and try not to deviate from it. Easier said than done, we know.

Rein in the guest list

It's so exciting when you first get engaged that it can easy to get carried away with the guest list. We know you'll probably want everyone there to celebrate with you, but you need to be mindful of what you're willing to spend per head. Look at it this way, would you buy dinner for them on a regular day? If yes, then invite away, if no, then you could probably leave them off. It may sound harsh, but otherwise, you'll end up going way over your wedding budget.

Be aware of hidden costs

Something that a lot of people overlook are hidden costs. Take it from us, they're everywhere. Things like dress alterations, underwear, hair trials and makeup trials, vendor meals day two outfit, and bridal party gifts, the list goes on. Make sure you factor all of these things in when divvying out the budget.

Track your spending

This one seems pretty obvious, but you'd be surprised. It's easy to get carried away and forget what you've actually spent your money on. Even small things like buying three pairs of shoes for your bridesmaids, ties for the groomsmen, or last-minute pillar candles, will need to be kept track of. Enter, the wedding budget spreadsheet. Organisation is key, soz.

Find ways to get more bang for your buck

And if you feel like you may go slightly over budget, there are ways to shave off a few quid. Things like getting married mid-week can sometimes save you up to 10% more than getting married at the weekend. And why not go the whole hog and get married off-peak too? Opting for a wedding outside of the summer or festive season will generally cut venue costs by up to 20%. There's 30% off your venue already. Not bad, eh? Other things like forgoing ceremony programs, transport hire, Champagne toasts, and favours, can cut costs too.

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