When creating your wedding budget, it’s easy to overlook the smaller details. This is the number one reason nearly-weds go over cost. So, don’t forget about these wedding fashion checklist essentials when you’re doing your sums.

The dress

If you've forgotten your dress, you're not off to a good start, but what wedding fashion checklist would be complete without it? Start shopping with about nine months to go if you've got the time, and make sure to leave time for alterations.



Depending on what you go for, this could end up setting you back a few hundred euro, so make sure it’s allowed for in the budget.



The temptation to splash out on some designer heels might be too much, so make sure you can afford them before you hand over that credit card.



An easy one to overlook as you don't often see brides carrying their around on the day, but you’ll need a small bag for your essentials on the day.



Whether it’s the perfect wedding day earrings, or a simple cuff, make sure you've considered what your dress needs to finish it off!



Costs for these vary greatly but you’re looking at shelling out somewhere between €100 and €250. We've got a full guide to what to expect and where to go for wedding dress alterations here.



Your dress might require the perfect strapless bra or seamless, nude undies. Whatever you need, don't leave yourself rooting in your underwear drawer for 'something old' on the morning!



Your wedding day underwear might be more functional than flattering, so if you want to buy something gorgeous for your wedding night or honeymoon, it’s one more item to pop in the list, though it's by no means a necessity.



Allow for that stunning, beaded belt or sparkling clips to jazz up your shoes.


A fab ‘rehearsal’ dress

The the last thing you’ll need the day before your wedding is a big outfit decision, so plan it in advance if wearing something special is important to you the night before.


Pretty pyjamas

This is something you might regret not picking up when you see your wedding morning pics. Don’t forget some pretty slippers!


A day two outfit

Same goes for day two, if you're carrying on celebrations. Remember, you’re still the star of the show on day two. A cute, white midi dress, or jumpsuit works a treat.


Something old, new, borrowed and blue

Your fashion choices are a great way to incorporate these traditional items. Blue shoes, anyone?


Honeymoon clothes

If you're going away straight after your big day, don’t leave this until the last minute and remember smart airport attire - newlyweds have a far better chance of an upgrade if they’re dressed neatly.


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