There'll be plenty, and we meanĀ plenty, of photos of you taken throughout the day, but there are some wedding dress photographs, even outside the standard bridal portraits, you're gonna wish you had after the day has come and gone. It's probably one of the pieces of clothing you're going to be most emotionally invested in like, possibly ever (not to mention your investment in its price tag, so chances are, you're not going to want to forget a single stitch of it. Since you'll likely only be wearing it once ever, you've only got one chance to get every photo you need to savour the memories and make the most of its meaning.

Set a few minutes aside in your day-of timetable to consider including some of these seven must have wedding dress photographs to capture it, and you in it, in all its glory.


1. Wedding Dress on Hanger

Most photographers will have this shot on their list of snaps to take, but it's worth putting it on your own mental list so you can make sure you have something nice to hang it on, and not just any old Penneys hanger you find in your wardrobe. This photo will showcase its silhouette and structure in its raw form, and can also do a little work in your wedding album by symbolising the calm before the storm. Sweet!


2. The Getting Ready Shot

There are often some really gorgeous moments to be captured between the bride, and her mam and bridesmaids, when you capture the getting ready shot. It's an in-between shot that captures that last few minutes of you and your dress before you head for your walk down the aisle, and there's just something lovely about your mam and 'maids fussing over perfecting your bridal look, so don't miss out on capturing those sweet moments.

3. Up-Close Wedding Dress Details

Even the most simple wedding dresses have a lot of detail to them and you won't want to forget it. Whether you chose your dress for the extravagant beading, gorgeous simple buttons, of delicate lace, you chose it for a reason and you'll want to capture its finer details up close and personal.

4. Back of Wedding Dress

Most of your bridal portraits will feature you front and centre, facing the camera. And no wonder - you're going to look so fab, you'll want the focus on you. But, especially if the reason you chose your dress is a beautiful back detail, you'll want to get that 360 degree view. There are very few wedding dresses that don't have a few surprising details to the back, so don't forget to spin around.


5. The Playful Shot

Don't be afraid to have some fun with your dress. Play with the floaty fabrics or fun shapes, and see what it has to offer in terms of a candid shot. You'll probably highlight an angle of the dress you wouldn't have seen otherwise, and chances are, when you get the photos back, you'll be glad to see a photo of you enjoying your dress.


6. The Train Shot

If you've got a big train, make sure to take advantage. Have your photographer artfull arrange your train out behind you, so they can really capture the full effect of the whole dress. Perfect if you're hoping for something with some drama to have in the mix.


7. The Shoe Shot

The dress might be the main event, but you probably spent a long time considering the perfect accessories. Your dress would probably not have the same effect without the shoes, so show off how good they look. Snap a little pic while you're putting them on, and later on, have your photographer capture you walking or holding your dress up to get the full picture of your look.


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