As Carrie Bradshaw she gave us all expert love advice, now she's bringing us alternative bridal fashion. Sarah Jessica Parker in collaboration with Gilt has released a stunning collection, entitled SJP, of 10 ready-to-wear bridal pieces.


Feather Dress, €2,877.


Fit & Flare Dress, €571. Also available in black and poppy.


The collection is for brides who want to look and feel amazing but want something less...bridal. The range features bodysuits, jumpsuits, skirts and both full and shorter length dresses. SJP designs feature clean cut lines and very few embellishments- think minimalist chic! All items are available exclusively on Gilt with prices ranging from €355 to €2,877.


Belted Maxi Dress, €751. Also stocked in black.


Ten layer skirt, €571. Also available in blush.


While the SJP line does include items that are more specifically bridal she made sure to avoid only including stereotypical white and ivory gowns. Also included in the line are less traditional items such as a decadent black jumpsuit, similar to her own iconic black wedding gown which she married Matthew Broderick in.


Halter Jumpsuit, €559. Also available in white.


Teatro Skirt, €2,157. Also available in white.


Speaking about the bridal line Sarah said she wanted to design items that can be worn not only down the aisle but also afterwards. Her intent that these pieces should be usable after your walk down the aisle means there'll be no hiding your dress away in the attic if she has her way!


Arabesque Bodysuit, €391. Also available in black and white.


Bow Back Dress, €511. Also stocked in white, blue and black.


In addition to the SJP bridal line, Gilt are also offering 15 exclusive SJP footwear styles. Starting at €421, the SJP bridal footwear collection is exactly what you'd expect from the woman who brought life to Carrie Bradshaw.


Bow Back Bodysuit, €355. Also comes in white, black and blush.


Feather skirt, €955.


This is SJP's first crack at designing a bridal line but we're sure it won't be her last judging by the reaction to these fab pieces!


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