If you are both a bride-to-be and a mother-to-be it can be daunting searching for the right dress. You have to take not only your bump but also your comfort and style into consideration. Maternity wedding dresses aren't always easy to come across either. Below we've compiled a list of top tips to help you through the process and included some lovely places where you can find beautiful maternity wedding dresses. Don't stress, embrace the bump and happy shopping!

Call Bridal Salons about their maternity wedding dresses

If you are planning on getting a wedding dress in a bridal salon, don't be disheartened if they don't sell specific maternity bridal wear. Call the salon ahead of time to suss out if they do stock maternity specific stock and if not just ask them to keep it in mind. Let them know how far along you are or will be at the time of your wedding. By the time you arrive at the appointment, they'll have some maternity dresses in mind that you could just fall for.

Research, Research, Research!

The key to shopping for maternity wedding dresses to research before trying on anything. We're talking fabrics, shapes, and styles. Before going to an appointment, understand what fabrics you feel best in. Tulle, crepe, and silk are all ideal choices when it comes to feeling comfortable. Shape-wise, the most comfortable are a-line and empire waisted dresses. Dresses with zip backs are to be steered away from while gowns with lace up backs are the dream. As are dress styles with corsets or heavy boning around the stomach area. Now, we're not saying you are limited to these but it helps to know what works best for a quickly changing body.

Add The Inches

Most bridal gowns take between 6-8 months to be made to measure. Of course, during pregnancy, your body changes a helluva lot in that time! The general rule is to add an inch to each measurement for each month of pregnancy between the fitting and your wedding day. Generally, we say buy a dress that fits you now but sometimes in these circumstances, sizing up should be considered!

Sample Different Lengths and Styles

If you are going to be further along in your pregnancy on your wedding day it can be an idea to try on dresses of different lengths and styles. Multi-way dresses have gained popularity recently and it's mainly due to the fact they can be changed to a number of styles depending on your personal comfort. Choosing one of these gowns will give you a variety of styles and you can choose which one is most comfortable for you on the morning of. What was comfortable three months ago may not be the same case on your wedding day morning. Similarly, choosing a shorter, flowy dress will give you more flexibility and more room to move. Not to mention, if you're getting married in the summer months, you'll be glad you chose a dress with less fabric!

Consider Dress Alternatives

Instead of setting your sights on a dress, keep an open mind. Not only are there dresses to suit your new shape but also jumpsuits and two-pieces. Most bridal salons offer a range of two pieces and many high street shops hold ranges of beautiful, budget-friendly jumpsuits. These items can give you the bridal look you desire while also giving you maximum comfort!

Bridesmaids To The Rescue

We mean the dresses, not the gals in this case! Many bridesmaids designers offer maternity dresses in a wide range of colours, such as white, ivory and cream. If you're struggling to find a comfortable dress to suit your bump, sampling some of these gowns could mean you're onto a winner.

If all else fails...

At the end of the day, if you are really struggling to find the perfect maternity bridal wear look, consider a bespoke gown. They're made to measure in any style you like, in any colour you like. It could be the ideal solution to creating the dream wedding dress. An expert seamstress will have you and your bump looking and feeling amazing in a creation that is both comfortable and beautiful.

Where To Find Maternity Wedding Dresses

Online shopping is a girl's best friend but especially when searching for maternity bridal wear. The likes of ASOS are home to a number of maternity-friendly wedding gowns which are as cost friendly as they are comfortable. Tiffany Rose is a UK maternity wear brand that specialises in bridal gowns. (They ship worldwide, woohoo!). Twobirds Bridesmaid is another online store that sells multi-way gowns in various styles. Their items are available in lighter shades, making them the perfect for your comfortable bridal look.

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