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Celtic wedding rings are only growing in popularity, and the meaning behind them is just one reason why

As more and more couples personalise their wedding ceremonies, whether they're having civil wedding ceremonies or adding humanist rituals into them, one thing that's remained constant is the exchange of rings as a symbol of unity. However, plenty of couples are delving a little deeper into their wedding ring choices, and seeking out the meaning behind them - which their celebrant can then discuss as part of their ring ceremony, making it a little bit extra special.

Where better to look for lovely meaning than in Celtic wedding rings? Besides the connection to our rich heritage, these ring designs are usually centred on symbols of love, honesty and family, so there are tonnes of lovely sentiments attached to Celtic wedding rings. With that in mind, we spoke to the team at Celtic Wedding Rings to get the low down on the meanings behind each design.


1. Celtic Knot wedding ring

Complete loops with no obvious start or end, they are said to represent eternity, whether that means loyalty, faith, friendship or love to you. Only one thread is used in each design, which symbolises how life and eternity are interconnected. The famous Book of Kells has many Celtic knot examples throughout its illustrious pages.


celtic wedding rings

2. Trinity Knot wedding ring

For the Celts, the Trinity knot was symbolic of the threefold nature of the Goddess as mother, maiden and crone - the mother as a goddess is representative of creation, the maiden for innocence and the crone for wisdom.It is also representative of the forces of nature (earth, fire and water) and the three interlocking circles are symbolic of female fertility. Christianity adopted the symbol to represent the Holy Trinity.


celtic wedding rings

3. Newgrange wedding ring

The unique spiral stone carvings at Newgrange are thought to be at least 5000 years old. The Passage Tomb at Newgrange is a richly decorated megalithic mound, and archaeologists estimate that a team of approximately 300 men took more than 20 years to complete the structure. Its dedicated builders graced the entrance with a triple spiral pattern, which can be seen in many Celtic wedding rings. The symbolism isn't fully known, but there's a lot of belief in the symbolism of three - the trinity, the three realms, etc.


celtic wedding rings

4. Ogham Soulmate ring

Ogham is the earliest form of writing in Ireland, it dates to around 4th century A.D. and was in use for around 500 years. The Ogham alphabet is made up of a series of strokes along or across a line. The alphabet was carved on standing stones to commemorate someone, using the edge of the stone as the centre line. They usually read from the left hand side bottom up, across the top and, if need be, down the other side. We use this alphabet to inscribe the word ‘Soulmate’ on this wedding band.


celtic wedding rings

6. Infinity Knot wedding ring

Simple, but elegant, the Infinity Knot ring represents togetherness in the true style of the endless Celtic-styled infinity knot. Two never-ending lines that cross each other on occasion, intrinsically linked together a perfect representation of the union of marriage.


7. Claddagh wedding rings

The Claddagh design represents love, loyalty and friendship. The centre heart for love, the crown on top for loyalty and the hands for friendship. These three important values build the basis of any good relationship, particularly a marriage. With this in mind, we have designed a full range of Claddagh wedding rings to celebrate this wonderful, thoughtful design.



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