Highstreet bridal wear has come on leaps and bounds in the last couple of years, and ASOS has led the pack when it comes to affordable wedding dresses. Spending a few grand on the perfect wedding dress isn't out of the ordinary - after all, you'll hopefully only be doing it once, and you may as well do it right, in the dress you've always dreamed of. However, the budget doesn't always stretch that far, and for some brides, the perfect wedding dress isn't even your traditional gown. Looking at some of these ASOS dresses, you'd never guess they came in under €300, meaning more money for spending on accessories, or extras for the day, which sounds good to us!

Here are nine of our favourite affordable wedding dresses available on ASOS right now, each of them perfect for the modern bride!

Amelia Rose Bridal maxi dress with vintage embellishment, €175.67


ASOS Bridal applique maxi skirt, €162.16 and ASOS Bridal organza lace bralet, €52.03


ASOS Bridal lace bandeau midi prom dress with crop jacket, €202.70


ASOS Bridal cami panelled maxi dress with pleated skirt, €202.70


ASOS Bridal lace burn out maxi dress, €337.83


ASOS Bridal cowl back panelled fishtail maxi dress, €128.37


ASOS fringe embellished crop top midi skater dress, €89.86


ASOS wedding embellished maxi tulle skirt, €108.10


ASOS Bridal cami paneled fishtail maxi dress, €162.16

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