Let me tell you, here at Confetti we are loving the neon sign trend- and not just because it's perfect for the 'gram! These fab signs are the perfect addition to your industrial vibe wedding. Plus, they can be re-used as  gorgeous home decor after your celebration. It's a win-win, we think!


Best friends

There is nothing more magical than marrying your best friend, as this gorge sign will tell you!


Keepin' it simple

This couple incorporated their neon initials into their portraits perfectly. Simple yet effective!


Shooting for the stars

This celestial sign sums up the emotions on the day.


The compliment

Well we love your face too, neon sign.


When the bride walks in...

This beaut of a sign is exactly what everyone thinks when they see the bride, of course.


Remembering why you're there...

Sure isn't love what we celebrate at weddings? Brighten up any space with a sign like this to remind you what it's all about.


The start of something new

Your wedding marks the start of a new chapter and is there a better way to begin married life than exchanging vows beneath a stunning neon sign such as this? We don't think so.


Crazy little thing called love

We love this floral and neon installation, we might even say we're crazy in love with it. We wouldn't be exaggerating either.


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