Your wedding makeup is important to get right - make sure you hire a total professional. Browse their website, Instagram, and Facebook for previous work.


Lots of brides get makeup artist recommendations from friends and family. Book a few trials if you wish, and don’t worry about offending anyone you’re not happy with. Different artists have different styles, it’s not one-size-fits-all.

your wedding makeup Image: Paula O'Hara


The key to developing a good rapport with your makeup artist is communication. How will they know if you’ve got eyelids that don’t hold shadow well unless you tell them? Equally, a makeup artist worth his or her salt will ask you lots of questions about your skin, how it reacts to things, what products you like and what products you hate. Here some things you can do to make everything crystal clear:

  1. Bring photos of what you’d like (and what you wouldn't like.)
  2. Be realistic. If your picture is of Angelina Jolie but you have really thin lips, it’s not likely they'll be able to recreate the look exactly. Likewise, if you ask for a natural look but show your artist a picture of Kim Kardashian, well…
  3. Tell them what you hated about any other makeup you’ve had done (brows too thick, too much blush, not enough liner etc.)
  4. Don’t be afraid to try something. Your makeup artist is a pro, so take their advice on board.
  5. Be honest. If there’s something they’re doing that you don’t like the look or feel of, let them know.

your wedding makeup Image: Paula O'Hara


There are some practical things you can do to ensure your wedding makeup is the best it can be.

  1. Moisturise and prep your skin before your trials.
  2. Maintain good skincare for the year before your wedding.
  3. Build a little collection of good quality products that work for you so you can do your own makeup on the second day or other events around the wedding


Big changes (such as getting your brows tinted or Botox, for instance) should be done in good time so there are no surprises the day of the wedding. Likewise, anything you’re planning to have done on for wedding day, have it in place for your makeup trial too, to mimic conditions as closely as you can.

your wedding makeup Image: Paula O'Hara

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