You might be lucky enough to have picked a hairstylist who you trust completely and who just gets your look and the style you're going for, who can create the hairstyle of dreams without any stress. But it usually takes a bit more work and a lot more research to get exactly what you want. We've got some tips and tricks to take into account to help bring you closer to getting the perfect wedding hairstyle.

When choosing a style, consider your dress

You've spent ages picking the perfect gown and your hair shouldn't be competing with it. You want your hair to complements it, so you have to factor your dress in when discussing your wedding hairstyle with your stylist. If your dress is simple, you can probably go for something more dramatic, but if you're rocking quite an extravagent gown, a more subtle up-do might work better. If you've got an on-trend open back design, an up-do might be a necessity to show it off, or even a side-braid might work. Wearing a white t-shirt to your consultation, and ideally a white t-shirt with a similar neckline to your dress, will really help you visualise what the real thing might look like.

When doing your hair trial, bring a visual

You always hear people saying it, but absolutely do not be afraid to bring some visual references to your hair stylist when you're doing your hair trial. Liked 10 different styles on Pinterest? Save them to a board and show your stylist on the day. Seen something you loved in a magazine and want to try it out? Cut it out and bring it along. When you're not a trained hairdresser, it can be hard to express in words what exactly you want so the visual aids speak for you. Trust us, your stylist will appreciate it!

Document it

You're going to be photographed from every possible angle on your wedding day so it'll do no harm for you to know what your hair looks like from all around. Ask your hair stylist to photograph it from the front, back and sides so you know what it looks like. It'll only take a few seconds and you'll know what it looks like from all views. Also, since wedding hair trials can take place months before the wedding, it can be easy to forget what exactly you settled on by the time the actual wedding rolls around. You might be thankful to have them for reference on the day.

Plan a night out

Image: Emma Jervis Image: Emma Jervis

Why waste a good hair do, we say! You've gone to the trouble of getting your hair done, you may as well show it off. Though, there is a higher motive here - your wedding day is a long one, and will hopefully go on long into the night. You need to know your hair is going to last the day without going limp or falling out, and a good way to test it is to take it out for the night and do a little dancing, for good measure. All in the name of science, obviously.

Don't go for a major hair change just before your wedding

That last haircut before your wedding should just be tidying up your current style so it looks as healthy as can be. It can be tempting to go for a big change for the big day, but it's a risky move in case you don't like the results.Same goes for colouring your hair - your last hair colour appointment shouldn't spell a drastic change. Not only will you feel less confident on the day, you'll also be stuck with pictures of it for the rest of your life. It's not worth it! If you're thinking of going for a change, do it at least three months in advance so you can wear it in in time, and more importantly, grow it out a bit if you hate it.

On the big day, wear something that's easily removed

A button-front shirt or your dressing gown are perfect to wear the morning of, while you're getting ready. There's a reason you see so many floral dressing gowns in real weddings! You don't want to wear anything that has to come off over your head because it could spell disaster. It seems obvious enough, but if it's not something you've thought of in advance, you could find yourself in trouble, so bear it in mind!

Don't feel you have to go for something different

Always wear your hair down? Wear it down. Never really too fussed with your elaborate hairstyles? Go for something simple. You still want to look like you on your wedding day, so don't feel you have to step entirely out of your comfort zone just so you've got a 'wedding look'. Your fiance wants to marry you, not just a bride, so feel free to go for something that is entirely you.