Wedding hair and makeup – what happens, at what time and what's the pecking order? There's a lot you may not even consider. However, don't fret, we've got you covered with this handy guide.

Early riser

Even if your ceremony isn't until 3pm or 4pm, wedding hair and makeup will probably start at around 8am. Think about it, you may have three bridesmaids, your Mum and perhaps your significant other's as well. That's a lot of people to get through, so you need to ensure there's enough time for your beauty squad to work. The larger the bridal party, the longer it will take. Both hair and makeup should take roughly 45 minutes per face and then about 60 minutes for you. This will vary as well, of course. It sounds like a long morning, but we're willing to wager it'll fly by!

Pecking order

Once you've sorted the timings, you'll need to organise a schedule of who's getting glammed first. Often brides go in the middle of the group, and then you'll be touched up at the end. You don't want to go last, because if there's a rush on time, you'll be the one they'll be rushing on, eek! Bridesmaids will normally go first, followed by the Mams and maid of honour. Don't stress too much though, there will be plenty of time at the end for any touch-ups if needed.

Wear something loose

Make sure to wear something loose on the morning of the wedding – ideally something button-down. You don't want to be trying to reef a t-shirt over your head and end up ruining your hair. Those super cute silk robes are also ideal for the beauty prep as they're easy to slip off.

Power outlets

Make sure there are enough outlets in the prepping room for your hair stylist's tools and the mass of phones that will evidentially need to be charged. It might be a good idea to bring along some extension leads just in case.

Sort the finances first

So, a lot of brides will foot the beauty bill for their bridal parties. However, this isn't always the case. We'd advise you to make it very clear who's paying for what before the morning of as it could make things slightly awkward. Stress-free beauty is what you want to achieve.

Feed and water your beauty squad

You don't need to go mad here, but you definitely need to offer your hair and makeup artist something small to eat and drink. They'll be working for a few hours early in the morning, so if you want them to be focused and do a good job, give 'em a cup of coffee and something to munch on.

You're allowed to change the look...

...within reason. Both your hair and makeup artist will want you to be 100% happy with the finished look, so if you need to tweak something, that's totally ok. As long as you're not making them take off a full face of makeup or re-doing a hairstyle completely, they'll be happy enough to oblige.

You might cry

Soz, but it's true. You might be surprised at how emotional you'll be once your hair and makeup is done and the dress is one, so be prepared for that. Make sure you've got waterproof mascara on and a few tissues, and you'll be grand. Deep breaths!

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