With so many talented makeup artists in Ireland, trying to pick the perfect wedding makeup artist can be a toughie. Where do you start? What style will suit you? The list goes on. We've put together some top tips and key questions to hopefully make your choice a little easier.

Start early

A wedding makeup artist can get booked up well in advance – some up to even a year or more. There's no harm in having a look as soon as you know the date and venue for your wedding. You're better off starting the search early rather than later in order to get your dream MUA.

Research, research, research

Take time out to trawl through their websites, Instagram and Facebook pages and read ALL of the reviews. Bridal hindsight is key, so you could even hit up a few fellow brides to see how they got on with their makeup artists.

Stay true to you

A lot of makeup artists have various different approaches to bridal makeup and makeup in general, so it's important to choose one that suits your style. What one MUA considers 'natural bridal makeup', another might think that's too light/heavy. So don't be afraid to speak up and let them know your own style.

Check their products

Have a look at what products the makeup artists use – you may not like what brands they stock or they may not agree with your skin. If you want, you could even ask them to use your own makeup. This way you'll know exactly how it will look and feel on your face.

You pay for what you get

Everyone loves a bargain, this much is true. However, if something seems too cheap, usually there's a reason as to why that is. A good wedding makeup artist is worth spending money on. After all, your face will be in all the wedding photos, so you need to make sure they do a good job!

Questions to ask your wedding makeup artist:

  • Do you have a portfolio of your work that I can look at?
  • Will you do a trial?
  • If I get home and change my mind after the trial, can I change the makeup?
  • Do you work on location - i.e. will you travel to my venue?
  • What prep should I be doing in the run-up?
  • Will you work on your own or will you have some help on the day?
  • What if you're sick/can't make it on the day, do you have a backup plan?
  • If so, can I see their work too?
  • Are there any extra day-of charges that I need to be aware of? (For example fuel costs etc.)

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