Bridal beauty - where to start, we hear you say? Fear not, you're not alone, which is why we asked some of Ireland's leading experts in bridal beauty to create some seriously inspirational bridal looks.

Look 1:

Makeup: “For this look, I used earthy tones for a beautiful, graduated softly smokey eye. I also used gold on the inner waterline to make eyes pop.”Fiona Harrison Makeup

Hair: “We went for a contemporary upstyle with softer, untamed curls for a more modern bridal look.”Ceira Lambert Hair Consultancy

Look 2:

Makeup: “I went for soft and sultry glamour. The just-bitten cheeks are complemented by a romantic custom-blended lip.”Emma Hogan Eyre of Eyrebrushed

Hair: “This is a classic and glamorous style, with a slightly modern twist. I opted for less structure and much softer curls.”Ceira Lambert Hair Consultancy

Look 3:

Makeup: “I went for dusty rose and rose gold tones on the lids, cheeks, and lips. This makes for a demure, classic bridal look.”Fiona Harrison Makeup

Hair: “This look is a more sophisticated upstyle, with a soft, glamorous edge.”Ceira Lambert Hair Consultancy 

Look 4:

The Makeup: “A classic bridal look with a Grecian-inspired bronze and golden eye. I wanted to emphasise the eye colour but still maintain a simple and effective appearance.”Yvonne Sheridan Makeup

The Hair: “I curled the hair with a large wand and dressed it into the middle of the head, leaving some length. The look was finished off with a decorative comb to accentuate the side profile.” – Amanda of Hugh Campbell

bridal beauty

Look 5:

Makeup: “I created a soft smokey eye with winged liner and illuminated the skin. I then added a soft peach on the lips.” Hair and Makeup by Maria Birmingham

Hair: “I went for a boho style, incorporating braids, natural volume, and a chignon to the side. I loosely curled the hair at the front to frame the face.”Hair and Makeup by Maria Birmingham

bridal beauty

Look 6:

Makeup: “I went for a bronzed, soft contour look using metallic tones on the eye, a less structured liner and a pop of colour on the lip.”Stephanie of Romina Daniel

Hair: “I chose a soft boho up style. I created this look with natural volume and soft texture – a modern twist on a classic look.”Heather of Romina Daniel

bridal beauty

Look 7:

Makeup: “Glowing skin is key to achieving this look. It’s complemented by liner, lashes and a beautiful soft pink nude lip. Perfect for a spring/summer wedding.”Emma Hogan Eyre of Eyrebrushed

Hair: “I created a giant halo braid, which I opened up to give a softer romantic look. I then finished it off with gold leaves to create a contemporary alternative to the dated tiara.”Amanda of Hugh Campbell Group

Look 8:

Makeup: “A smokey, dramatic cranberry eye for the more daring bride, but still achieving a soft subtle look.” – Yvonne Sheridan Makeup

Hair: “I chose a loose, side bun for this look – the hair was brought loosely to the side, then gathered into a soft detailed side bun. I then softly curled bangs around her face.” – Amanda of Hugh Campbell Hair

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