Best of Oscars 2013 Beauty Looks

You might not have lasted through the ceremony (does anyone stay up all night for the Oscars anymore?) but we’re sure we weren’t the only ones going through the dresses and makeup yesterday morning. Since we’ve already taken a look at the best bride-worthy Oscars gowns, lets look at the makeup next.

This year’s ceremony was refreshingly free from disasters. Salma Hayek’s mile high hair aside, the stars kept it tame with natural hair and makeup.

Leading the minimalist chic crowd was Charlize Theron, who played up her blonde pixie hairdo and glowing skin with a simple makeup look (she buzzed off her hair for an acting role months ago ... This lady is brave!). A gentle bronze smoky eye and nude lips are a classic pairing that will flatter any bride-to-be.

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If you’re feeling a little less classic look to this year’s pink lip trend for inspiration. Anne Hathaway regularly works this look and rocked a rosy pink shade which contrasted beautifully with her pale skin on the Oscars 2013 red carpet. Queen Latifah made the look her own with a vivid, nearly-neon pink on the night as well. Both actresses paired their lipstick look with subtle dark eyeliner, similar to the Rockabilly Bride tutorial we recently featured.

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Much is made of Adele’s ability to dress perfectly for her shape, but she knows what makeup suits her too. Adele brought out her signature sixties cat-eye liner for the red carpet (we hear she uses Maybelline Studio Gel Liner in Black) and turned up the volume with false lashes for full-on flutter.

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Brides with Celtic colouring can take inspiration from Jessica Chastain, who plays up her ivory skin and red hair with a punchy red lip. Standing out in a sea of neutrals, her vintage-inspired look is complemented by a similarly retro hairdo: a side-parting with the hair smoothed into Lauren Bacall-like waves. The perfect style for a bride who wants to feel like a silver-screen siren.

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And lastly, a rare makeup misshap from the night. Catherine Zeta Jones is a natural born beauty, so we’re puzzled as to why she needed to cake on quite so much makeup. Tan plus thick foundation plus a healthy heaping of powder is just too much. Add spidery false lashes on top and the effect is disastrous. Let this be a lesson, beware the powder brush ...